In this place

in this place
life is like a race
in this place
we hope a grace

to the water I came
bring some big flame
could not differ,everything was same
and I wanna brought it sink
and out of the sea with a heart was yelling a singing

angel of this island!
Please give me your hand
I will write a poem if you let me lend
I want to draw wonder of this land

the darkness camouflaging my mind
and the sea made happines as if as mine
I knew that's just a sign
but this beach was very kind

this wonder I will never forget
I felt better in everything strange that I got
Now,i dont want to cry on my bed
this new fell makes me mad

The sun smiles at me
know now I am free
I have put the sadness at the bottom of the sea
and I can go home happily

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