Honesty in the Beauty

I wanted to the land
picked up by my hand
I wanted to the sea
turned up to be my tea

beauty of the beach held my arm
pulled me to the paradise dream
my mind flown and fished the warm
without even a wing,thought no scream

people can not lie anymore
compare you with a departement store
beside you,never feels bored
do not ask me,coz I want more

oh..to the owner of the beach
take the honesty of the beach to my life
although I am not rich,I can reach
I want to buy It to be my wife

I am between you and her
she Is swimming In you

you have a honesty
she has a beauty

In the night you can get colder
at the time I wIll kill her

oh the owner of everything
may I make this blood to be something ?

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