We Are Chinese Slaves (2)

We are the slaves of Chinese who crawled
bowed his head as if there is no move, we are silent boss
we are very afraid get fired from your factory
we are afraid if you are angry, your red face will be more ugly
we are just slaves bounded our fate in your stick
the stick you burn in every Friday

it's been so long
we serve you as a dirt servants
in this our independent country,
English Poems, Poems About Love, China Slaves, Puisi Kehidupanas if we make a vow to be a slave in your life
because we are wasted slaves, unwanted

we are cows, our milk you take rough
our wives bra straps mixed with the dirt
there is no right to ask about hunger
because our sweats only three thousands per hour
because we only Chinese slaves that must be silent
no sounds
we may not declare the sounds of our stomach
sounds of misery

We are the whores which are paid monthly
to satisfy the lust of development
while we drank Cyanide
inhaling the carbonate, eating the Titanium

We are the Javanese, Bataknese and Minangnese in a poverty
in a sorrow life, as the slave holders of money

tranlated from:
Kami Adalah Budak-budak Cina (2)

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